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FAQ for Global-Swingers


Q: Is it likely that we will be able to find other couples for swinging in our area?

A: That of course depends on where you live. For example, living in a large metropolitan area will make it much easier to locate other swingers than if you were to live in a small town.


Q: We are on a budget and it looks like you have to pay to contact others. Can this be avoided?

A. It is free to browse the other personal ads, but contacting other members does require a paid membership. But some of those cost less than you probably spend on lunch.


Q: Same room sex, but not full on wife swapping is what we are interested in. Is this common.

A: This is something you would need to discuss with the couples you come into contact with, but yes, it is very common.


Q: I am a female who is only interested in no strings attached sex with couples and other females. Are there many swingers interested in people like me?

A: Yes. There are loads of people looking for single females to join in threesomes with no strings.


Q: What if a couple just wants to watch others having sex?

A: You just have to ask the people you are communicating with. It is not an uncommon request in the swinger personal ads.


Q: How about people who travel a lot? Spur of the moment action with very little vetting is what we are into.

A: There are some people who really dig that. Give it a shot.


Q: Group sex, wife swapping, orgies and swinger parties are what we are interested in. Are activities like this easy to find?

A: You will most likely start by getting to know one couple. They will then ask you to tag along to bigger events if they know of any.


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